Backing First Nations Business

Through Nallawilli and Mandura we are building a unique and innovative range of First Nation businesses with a committed and substantive  social agenda being achieved through our style of operation as well as our direct and committed support for the Pauline E McLeod Foundation.

We partner with like minded, responsible businesses and individuals who share our philosophy and believe in our  approach to build sustainable and significant commercial enterprises designed to develop and nurture First Nation capability and ingenuity for the benefit of future generations.

Our philosophy and approach

It is well recognised that economic development of First Nation businesses and capability is critical to addressing disadvantage in First Nations communities and people. Nallawilli’s philosophy is to develop that capability by building scaleable First Nation businesses and developing greater engagement of First Nation skillsets both directly through employment in our businesses and with our partners and indirectly by supporting other First Nation businesses  through the supply chain. 

The Nallawilli Group is working together with its customers, suppliers and partners to devlop Fitst Nation talent and our aspiration is to create First Nations captains of industry of tomorrow. We seek to create a virtuous circle where all involved in the supply chain are motivated and committed to support meaingful First Nation engagement. 

We call it the First Nations circular economy.

PEM Foundation

PEM's Mission

The Foundation has been set up to focus on supporting a wide range of First Nations causes that were close to Pauline’s heart including:
Mental health, skills development, education and employment opportunities for young Indigenous Australians.

PEM’s mission is to develop a range of ethical and quality sustainable businesses supported through the commercial based activities managed through Nallawilli, that can compete commercially but also have a clear and transparent social purpose to support First Nation people and causes

To date, we have been supporting two exceptional First Nation charities, 1. The Westerman Jilya Institute for Indigenous Mental Health and 2. The Clontarf Foundation. 

Our aspirations as our commercial business support for PEM grows are to continue our partnerships with these and other First Nation charities and to develop our own programs to support community in conjunction with our suppliers and customers. 

Our Businesses

Mandura is Australia’s foremost Tier 1 First Nations workplace supplies company. Mandura offers products sourced from a range of diverse suppliers including social enterprises as well as First Nations brands, helping customers meet social responsibility targets.

End-to-end business financing solutions

Our product range is diverse, spanning across everyday lending such as asset and equipment, trade and insurance premium finance through to customising tailored and large-scale lending facilities to optimise your business growth.

Nallawilli Bunjil delivers next-generation rapid asset capture to create detailed Precision Reality Twins, enhanced by intuitive software that enables secure, in-built collaboration and industry-first trend tracking to better manage infrastructure or environmental assets

Nallawilli Technology provides a wide and growing range of technology solutions including digital transformation services, unified collaboration solutions, audio-visual integration, telecommunications services, conferencing and event production solutions.

DreamFund is a First Nations venture capital and angel investment firm providing the primary source of funding for First Nations startups and entrepreneurs. DreamFund fosters cultural innovation which translates into future proofed and sustainable economic growth.

Nallawilli Procure provides a trading partner for a range of innovative and leading products and services. Our value proposition is to build long term relationships with our customers and suppliers, based on professionalism, trust, integrity and value for money.

The Australian Indigenous business sector

The Australian Indigenous business sector has grown significantly in the past two decades with estimates suggesting there are currently more than 11,500 Indigenous businesses generating an annual economic contribution of approximately $8.8 billion in the 2020 financial year.  

– Blacking Black Buiness – Minderoo Foundation

Our Impact

To date the Foundation has part-funded the wages of two First Nations employees to allow them to undertake dedicated study to pursue new career paths. Both candidates have now been placed into sustainable and future proof roles within the community and our partner network.

Ron Murray

“I always wanted to get into IT, technology has always been my passion though I just couldn’t see how I was going to bridge the skill gap working 12 – 15 hour days as a security guard to support my family”.

Chandra Loney

Chandra Loney has made the transition from labourer to cyber security analyst. He now works for DXC Technology.


As at March 2022, First Nations representation in the Winc workforce hit 3.5%. with 37 First Nations team members currently developing their careers in roles across our Customer Experience, Sales, Human Resources, Merchandising and Operations teams.

What's Next

I’m very pleased with the progress we are making against our targets in our last six months of operation. We know that our desire to work together for future generations is one we share with our valued customers and suppliers. 

The progress we have made to date would not be possible without their support. Over the coming months we will continue to focus on bringing on board more likeminded customers to enable us to be successful in meaning a meaningful difference. I look forward to providing another update in six months’ time.

Scott Allen - CEO