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Nallawilli Bunjil View is changing the way we manage assets today!

The Precision Asset Intelligence Revolution

Asset Intelligence

For far too long, we have been making critical decisions about assets, with limited information, evidence, and confidence in the outcome.

Precision Asset Intelligence (PAI) software enables you to draw on vast volumes of asset data, distilled into a user-friendly interface, to finally deliver trust and certainty in asset management.

PAI combines the next generation in RAPID ASSET CAPTURE, with intuitive software that delivers the most detailed models in the world – PRECISION REALITY TWINS – and enables exportable and INTERACTIVE REPORTING.

“Innovation is a massive way to create value for our clients, as is risk mitigation. When comparing to traditional approaches of inspection or to competitors, Trendspek was miles ahead on time, cost and accuracy.”

– Andrew Neary, PGIM Real Estate

The launch of PAI software

Precision Asset Intelligence software has evolved from yesterday’s asset inspection solutions, to meet the needs of asset managers and owners, today.

In recent years, engineers and property managers have propelled the industry forward, with global businesses now using drone capture to inspect assets, rather than dangerous techniques that often required working at extreme heights.

The outcome of drone capture was not only increased safety, but an abundance of data that no modern software was designed to used efficiently or effectively.

Introduced in 2019, Precision Asset Intelligence software takes the data points recorded during capture, to produce Precision Reality Twins – the most accurate virtual asset models in the world – and provides a suite of intuitive tools, that enable engineers and asset managers to make confident decisions about risk, maintenance and other crucial actions.

Asset Intelligence

The Precision Asset Intelligence Revolution

The first Precision Asset Intelligence software in the global market, BunjilView was purpose-built to capitalise on the unprecedented volume of data that can be captured via drone or robot.

Transforming hundreds of thousands of data points from every asset into a model so precise it can be used in place of physical inspection, the software suite offers accurate measurement across all planes, cloud-based storage and real-time communications, in-model markups and interactive reporting.