Telco Asset Inspections.

Maximise telco asset value with Precision Reality Twins.

Antenna azimuth verification

No distance, measurement or angle is off limits, regardless of plane or direction, when using Trendspek.

Using the cell tower tool, determine the azimuth direction, RL height, elevation type and tilt height of a telecommunications antenna, and visualise EME plume.

Site Acceptance

Leasing And Site Planning

Condition Assessment

Antenna Verification

Site Planning

Safely conduct a detailed site survey of the planned location of your telco infrastructure, including difficult-to-reach rooftop or building locations, to inform the application process and installation.

Once installed, visually inspect the new telco infrastructure to ensure compliance with strict government regulations and standards.

Condition Assessments

Maximise revenue from telco towers and minimise operational cost with conditional assessments that enable preventative maintenance planning.

Safely capture every aspect of your asset, and get the detail you need to confidently make decisions that align with your business’s strategic priorities.

Telco Asset Management

Improve your telco asset management and maintenance with BunjilView.

At BunjilView, we understand the importance of assets, because to us, our clients are our most valuable assets. We have worked in
close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.

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