Airtight asset management.

A new way of managing water assets.

Scope projects with confidence

Scope projects with confidence, knowing your directions and decisions are based on comprehensive asset data.
Better define project budgets, set realistic timelines, prioritise short-term and long-term maintenance needs and highlight important risks, by collaborating in real-time, with key stakeholders who all have access to detailed asset data, models and trends on Trendspek.

Increase the performance and life of assets, and reduce risk with our leading Precision Asset Intelligence software.

The impact of climate change

As the impact of climate change on weather patterns around the world intensifies, water assets and infrastructure have never been more important.

BunjilViews’s unparalleled and detailed asset models, combined with secure tools for collaboration, assessment and reporting, enable water asset managers to adhere to increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements, while maximising asset output and lifetime value. Deliver vital services more effectively.

Condition assessment

Introduce a team-wide, comprehensive understanding of all components within your water assets, and their condition, to proactively plan repair and replacements, and identify risk and deterioration over time, to enable better prioritisation of remediation works.

With BunjilView, you can ensure components and assets are structurally sound, and pose no functional or safety risk, right down to identifying where paint is peeling, or corrosion is causing leaks, to more confidently plan repairs and allocate spend.

Project Scoping

Condition Assessments

Capital Works Tendering

Virtual Site Visits

Repairs and maintenance

Take strategic maintenance planning to new heights, with BunjilView’ detailed asset data. Enable contractors to virtually walk around the asset, exploring every corner, crack and crevice, in high-resolution, to produce accurate estimates and proposals for maintenance.

Monitor defects and changes in condition to empower more informed maintenance planning, and conduct close review of works to eliminate deviation from plans and ensure maintenance is carried out to the highest of standards.

Due diligence

When due diligence is done well on an asset, it’s because it’s done meticulously.

View every façade of your property asset, easily identify defects and flaws, and highlight areas of opportunity – all before lawyers get involved – with detail recorded to the millimetre, on Trendspek.

Make crucial decisions early to minimise cost and risk, and capitalise on every opportunity.

Capital works tendering

Any quote is only ever as detailed and as accurate as the RFQ materials provided to the contractor. More often than not, unexpected costs are associated with scope creep impossible to foresee, due to a lack of initial information.

Get tender responses and estimates that accurately reflect capital works needs, by identifying and defining the requirements with more precise detail. Use BunjilView’s Precision Reality Twins to virtually inspect every asset component, invite your contractors to do the same, and benefit from better RFQs and budget projections.

Asset Types

Treatment facilities

Piers & Jetties




Asset inspection and management

Now is the time to put a stop to all the dangerous dangling from high up ledges that has defined asset inspection and management for so long.

With BunjilView, asset capture is safer and more accurate, and travelling night and day to remote locations is no longer a regular occurrence. Embrace the new frontier in safer, smarter asset management, built on virtual visits and digital inspection.

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