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Get an extreme close up of your most valuable energy assets.

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Create a regular schedule of cost-effective and safe General Visual Inspections, with Trendspek, and identify obvious damage, failure or anomalies. Get updated and detailed Precision Reality Twins that can be accessed at any time, for any project, to guide planning and future works.

Zoom in, with Close Visual Inspections that enable detail to the millimetre, to identify defects like leaks, corrosion, cracked concrete or structural issues, or to prepare for and inform specialist processes such as Non-Destructive Testing.

Visual Inspection

Maintenance Planning

Tanks & Vessels

Shutdown Planning

Decom Assets

Managing an energy asset


Managing an energy asset is different than managing almost any other asset. Every defect is not just an immediate profit or safety risk, but can also minimise the effectiveness of the asset, leaving entire communities without essential services.

BunjilView captures your asset and delivers a high-resolution model in hours, not weeks, enabling faster and more accurate defect identification, and swifter decision making that can save lives, jobs and build more productive communities.

Reliable and sustainable energy, with better asset inspection.

Asset Types

Power Stations


Tanks & Vessels

Pipe Runs

Jetties & Wharves

Shutdown planning

Don’t fall into the trap of almost two thirds of shutdown and outage projects, that don’t run to time, cost and scope projections.

Optimise delivery of shutdown or outage objectives, using Trendspek, to inform project planning. Easily draw on detailed models and hundreds of thousands of accessible data points to accurately plan project scope and costs, and reduce any likelihood of delays that result in negative impact on people and profits.

Decommissioning assets

One of the most logistically complex tasks in an asset lifecycle comes at end-of-life, with decommissioning.

From wind turbines to topside platforms on oil rigs, capture detailed models that guide a more accurate planning process and waste management approach, and enable you to meet stringent regulatory guidelines and cover off on all ESG requirements.

Put safety of your teams, contractors and the environment first, and reduce complexity, with more accurate planning and projections informed by BunjilView.

Energy Asset Management

Improve your energy asset management and maintenance with Trendspek.

At Trendspek, we understand the importance of assets, because to us, our clients are our most valuable assets. We have worked in
close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.

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